Website UI

I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to click on the triple-dot or the (Five projects) -text as I think they are links. The dots looks like some kind of hamburger-expansion menu or something for settings. And the (Five projects) is orange just as all other links - that is horribly confusing.

I suggest that you remove the dots and make the (Five projects) a normal text color.

Or even better - that you make the entire “card” clickable.

Thank you @megstr for your specific feedback, that is indeed not intuitive. The three dots are actually a hamburger menu that pops up if you click on it. Can you tell me which browser you use? We’ll definitely improve that!

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I’m usually on Safari/macOS. I tried clicking on the dots now again and I actually got a Delete/Rename popup! But I had to actually click precisely on the narrow sliver of dots and not a millimeter outside of them. That’s why it never worked for me. :slight_smile:

We improved the usability of the repository cards. Feedback is appreciated!

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Thanks! That works so much better!