What is a work day for AISLER

There are two possible time-options to buy the PCBs - 2days or 8days

Unfortunately there is no transparency what this actually means. I ordered on a Friday 3pm. and expecting to count eight days forward (except of Sunday) to get the shipping day, as Aisler often mention everything is 24/7.
But only on Monday at 9am I got the information that the PCBs are now in production. In the order overview it shows that on the second Thursday the shipment is expected.
So it seems that Saturdays are excluded in the calculation.
All in all it would be much better any from customer rights also necessary to point out when to expect the delivery, before the order is finished.
I know other PCB suppliers counting in the delivery and as well the Saturday.

You find our definition in this post: What is the lead time for production?

It might be good to link the information directly next to the select-option, so it can be clear to everyone need to decide.

Otherwise a will be shipped on [date] next to it will do it as well.