Why are the components so much more expensive when I order them from you?

Hello, unfortunately my support request has gone unanswered for several weeks, so I’ll try here.

On your website you write things like:
Best-price powered by the world’s largest part catalogue”
“… it also allows us to select the best prices for your Bill of Materials”

I have noticed that I am paying 300€ more for the components in my project than if I buy them from Mouser by myself.
Your very unfriendly supporter on the phone told me that this is because you want to earn money on the components and add your own profit margins here. He told me that I had to accept that or find another manufacturer.

Somehow the statement on your website does not match what I get charged as a price.
And when I tell you the specific components that are 300€ too expensive in your calculation, your support just ignores me.

This is really very disappointing.


I apologize for the experience you had with our support, please DM me your project ID, so I can take a look at the pricing. Yes, we do add margin for sourcing the components but if the difference is unusually high, it may have happened that the data provided by the distributors via the API may not be accurate.

It would be much easier to find the wrong prices if you would simply show the component prices in the BOM. Then I could see directly which prices are exaggerated and take out these components and provide them myself.

If you add additional profit margins to the components, then your statements about “best price” on the website are completely wrong.

Your unfriendly support staff told me that they had checked the parts list and all the prices are correct. I would have to accept the 300€ extra cost of the components or look for another manufacturer.

I find it regrettable that you hide the component prices so much and that one has to spend weeks in discussions with your unfriendly support staff to find out where you have set the wrong prices.

Take a look at my last (still unanswered) support request. There I told you exactly which components you are charging more than twice the price for than they cost at Mouser. It took me hours to find this out by manually removing individual components and comparing the offer prices. And you don’t even dignify this with an answer.

PS: Dont know how I can send you a DM

I highly agree that we should display the individual component prices in the UI, and I actively advocate for it internally.

Further, I will take a look at the conversation you had with our staff and see what we can do better in the future.

The most negative conversation was the phone call with your colleague who constantly repeated, that all prices are correct and I have to accept that you add 300 Euro profit margin on components or otherwise I have to go to another manufacturer.