Allow ordering stencil without boards

In the past I often ordered stencils without PCBs if I needed a PCB that could not be made by Aisler, e.g. flex boards.
In the newest design change this is not possible anymore and I have to order FR4 boards (which I donโ€™t need) to get a stencil.
Please allow again to order a stencil alone


Same! Sometimes I already have boards for existing projects that I would like to get a stencil for, getting PCBs when you only need a stencil is quite wasteful.


would also like this option. I just ordered some new boards (that I donโ€™t need) in order to get a stencil.


Similar problem here!

When putting the initial order I forgot to order the stencil . Production for that order has not yet started. I do not see any way add the stencil order. Please consider!

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same, forgot mine also.