ALTIUM 4 layers stackup

Good day, im porting some settings about the specs of the 4 layer stack up in altium, need more info coz i must calculate an impendance for an RF strip line.
Suggestions and corrections are well appreciated

The layer thickness and copper weight are not correct yet, the Er value also needs to be adjusted. We have these documented in our 4 Layer article. Please note that you need to use the final dimensions.

Okay… do you mind suggest me pls the correct values? or check pls the new adjustemt

Please follow these settings

thank you for your info… the size refered in millimeters can be ported also for altium stackup setup?
Waiting for a kind response

How do you mean this? You can enter the values in Altium the copper thickness is 0.035mm → 35µm → 1 OZ

okay thank you for your informations… i will check it later

please send me link for Altium 4 layer stackup

Good day, I’ve found in this rep some info about aisler

it’s only published the altium 6 layers stsckup… miss the 4 layer stackup and i don’t remember well if aisler pcb stackup parameters are correct