Board too small, panelizing with mouse bites not allowed, what to do?

I have a PCB that appears to be too small. It adheres to the design rules (PCB Design Rules) which say at least one side has to be larger than 15 mm. My board is 33 x 8 mm. When importing it, I get an error, the board is too small.

So I thought I’d put 2 boards side by side, and use milling and mouse bites to just break them apart once I get them. But in this discussion, Christina says I can’t do that: Ordering more than one project

So how can I solve this?

Here’s an image where I started drawing the milling path. (There’s also castellations around the edges.)

Skärmavbild 2022-02-13 kl. 11.20.57

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Okay so I read all the posts on castellations, bord dimension, holes etc. My smaller baord started working, maybe because I avoided castellations on left and right edges

Which design do you think is better for you, or would both work:

Skärmavbild 2022-02-13 kl. 16.24.15

(BTW I know that this post is in the wrong category but I was only allowed to select “Feature request” or “Ordering”)

A recent update which is not documented yet might help in this case. If you have a look at Bridges and Frames you will notice that we place tabs left and right of the PCB, because of this we require a minimum size of 15mm by 15mm. However actually it is only required to have a height > 15mm, the width doesn’t really matter. Because of this we update the check to only validate the width.
What does that mean in your case? Just rotate the single PCB by 90 degrees and it should perfectly work out :wink:

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@electric-gaunitz first of all welcome to the community. As I think this is a great question and an even more wonderful solution, I’m moving this topic into the Public Knowledge Base :wink:

I used mouse bites on a design and it worked great!

I have a similar problem with my board which is 7.95mm on 19.25mm.


however, rotating it did not solve the issue, I still get “Board outline detection failed”. It does seem to be related to the size of the board, because when I increase the outline to 20mm x 20mm the error is gone.

Any tips?

Hi @Koen-Deschacht,

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The problem in this case is not the size of your board, but the dimensions drawn in the board outline layer (Edge_Cuts.gbr). If you remove them from the layer, the processing of your board (with the orientation shown above) should work.

For your information: The Processing Note “Board outline detection failed” is displayed, if our system cannot recognize a clear outline (e.g. if the outline is self-intersecting). If your board is too small (or to large), we display a corresponding note.


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Thanks a million Manuel, the drawing of the dimensions were indeed the problem.

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