Custom Fonts in KiCad pcbnew upload

I just noticed that when uploading a KiCad pcbnew file, custom Fonts will not be included and AISLER will substitute them silently.
Obviously there is nothing to be done about it, but I believe this should be an error message in the pcbnew file evaluation.
When using the KiCad upload tool, the fonts will be converted to outlines, so there is no issue.

Feature request: Issue a warning in the file evaluation if custom fonts get substituted.


Seems your server has the Lato typeface installed.
Additional Feature Request: Document which fonts are installed on your server.

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Hi :wave: ,

We have documented this in our Known PCB design tools issues and limitations article. I believe a notification that we fall back to KiCad’s default font may be difficult to implement.
Would it be sufficient to link to a CAD-specific issue article in the viewer?

I will add a list of installed fonts after the Christmas break.

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