Known PCB design tools issues and limitations

In this article we document known issues and limitations with the PCB design tools we support.


Issue: Processed thermal reliefs are too thin when uploading .kicad_pcb files.

  • KiCad version: V5
  • Description:

When uploading a pcb board file which was created in KiCad 5 the thermal reliefs are too thin. This is a bug when importing KiCad 5 files to KiCad 7 (used in our software pipeline). Designs which have worked in the past may be broken now when a new revsion is added.

  • Workaround/Fix: Generating Gerber files locally/Updating to Kicad 7

Issue: Custom fonts are not processed when uploading .kicad_pcb files.

  • KiCad version: V7
  • Description:

Custom fonts are not processed if the board file is directly uploaded, this happens because KiCad does not save the fonts in the board file and our import server does not have all custom fonts available.

  • Workaround/Fix: This issue is considered a no fix. If custom fonts are desired it is necessary to generate Gerber files locally or use or AISLER Push for Kicad.


Issue: Mounting Types are not transfered in the ODB++ file

  • DipTrace version: ( June 5, 2023)

  • Description:
    The Mounting Types of components are not transfered into the ODB++ files thus no assembly is possible currently.
    We are actively working with DipTrace to resolve the issue.

  • Workaround/Fix: For 2 and 4 Layer Boards the AISLER push can be used, no assembly is currently possible with 6 layers.

Issue: DipTrace AISLER push does not support Revisions

  • DipTrace version: ( June 5, 2023)

  • Description:
    When using AISLER Diptrace push a new project is created every time instead of adding a revision for an existing project.
    We are actively working with DipTrace to resolve the issue.

  • Workaround/Fix: None


Issue: Fusion360 .fbrd pcb files cannot be processed

  • Description:
    We are unable to process the .fbrd files.

  • Workaround/Fix:
    This is considered a no-fix. As a workaround, Fusion360 customers can use the ODB++ export as highlighted in our guide. Exporting ODB++ from Fusion360

Issue: Legacy Designs with plated slots are not processed properly

  • Description:
    The milling layer has been disabled for ODB++ files, breaking legacy designs.

  • Workaround/Fix:
    Update the design to use the new plated slots feature. For more information see: Adding plated slots to a footprint in Fusion360


Issue: Custom layers are not imported when uploading a .brd file.

  • EAGLE version: All

  • Description: Custom layers are not imported when uploading a .brd file from EAGLE, we only import the standard set of layers defined by Autodesk. Custom layers are ignored.

  • Workaround/Fix: If custom layers are used, a custom Gerber output suitable for assembly can be created using this guide: Exporting a custom Gerber file from EAGLE

Issue: Fillets in the board outline cannot be processed

  • EAGLE version: All

  • Description: Unlike other Tools EAGLE exports Fillets as lines not arcs into the Gerber file, as a result, our software pipeline may be unable to automatically construct the board outline.

  • Workaround/Fix: We are actively working to adjust our software pipeline to account for this. If you encounter this issue, please contact our support team, we have a manual solution available, so we can fabricate your design.

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