[ Feature Request ] Add option to get an "unprocessed" stencil

By default, you shrink the pads for stencils by a given volume factor. That’s appropriate
for many layouts and probably good for beginners who don’t want to bother with
that. However, I have the following suggestion:
Add an option to turn off automatic post-processing when a stencil is ordered.
This allows advanced users to choose their own pad shrinking, depending on pad
geometry, and would also allow for tooling holes in the stencil.


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Definitely a valid point! As we want to keep the order form as simple as possible (should be accessible to everyone no matter the skill level), where would you place such an option? @crteensy

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I’d think that it could be added to the stencil checkout section as a post-processing opt-out slider:

  • The slider is “on” by default and highlighted in green so that beginners see “good”. The paste layer will be post-processed by you.
  • The slider can be set to “off” (yellow/orange) by an advanced user if the paste layer is exactly what the stencil is supposed to look like.

Even if someone opts out of paste layer post-processing unintentionally or without knowing what that actually means, it will most probably not really cause damage.


I second this. I would love to have my custom paste pads left alone.

In addition, it would be nice to have a warning/note of the ‘shrink’ behaviour - I had to search help to figure out why my paste cutouts had changed shape.

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Any update on this? I really like your stencils, even for boards that I haven’t ordered from aisler (= anything 6 layers and above, or out of your scope in other ways).

We added this feature request to our internal development pipeline. However, it is currently not part of our current roadmap for the near future. But we did not forget about it!

I second this and suggest to extend this to mask openings, too. I would like to get my PCBs as closely to my data as possible.

Gentle bump just to show that I would still love and use this feature

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