[ Feature Request ] Display why a project is rated as complex

I just wanted to place an order as simple, but the system only gives me the option complex. Is there any way to figure out what exactly caused my design to not be classified as simple? I think I meet all the design rules for simple, I cannot fix a mistake unless I know what to look for.


@stefan_o welcome to the community and thank you for posting this feature request. I have slightly adapted the title, but I think this is a very valid feature request. I will have this discussed internally and let you know once this is in progress.

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A +1 from me on this, I would find it very useful.

So far I have not been able to identify why my design is rated as complex. I’ve imported the KiCad “simple” design rules, and my board passes KiCad’s DRC, yet is still rated as complex.

Link to my project below:


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Hi @electrified , welcome to the community!We will add it to our development issue. Thanks for sharing.


Easy one: The slotted holes on the right top! Change them to bigger holes (not slots/elongated holes).

Took me a few hours on my own design to figure this out.

Look at PCB Design Rules - :open_book: Knowledge Base / :open_book: Design Rules & Specs - AISLER Creative Community : With a simle design no plated holes are allowed.

Should look like this:
I needed a similar connector in the past, so this is why I know what is going on here :stuck_out_tongue:


My recent design was also rated “complex” although i thought to meet all the requirements for the simple design.
BUT, I had some elongated holes (“Langlöcher”). Replacing them by standard round holes, brought my design to “simple”.
But there may be many other reasons.

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Many thanks! I will remove the slotted holes and give it another go.

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No problem, glad I could help.

In my case it was vias that were too small.

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