Flat Flex

How about offering flat flex PCBs?
I understand that those are expensive to make domestically, but maybe this is another product where Aisler could disrupt the market? However, I know nothing about how those are made and if it is even possible to pool the manufacturing…

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Interesting idea! How often do you use flex PCBs yourself and for which purpose?

Not as often as I would like, because of the prohibitive cost. Most of my flex PCBs would be 2 layer with the occasional QFN and some 0402 passives, serving as a combination of “3D connections” and simple circuits, to make assembly easier in combined mechanical+electronics designs and for certain retrofit jobs.
Right now, I have to order in qtys of 100s to make financial sense. I would love to have sensibly priced flex PCBs in 10-ish qty.

I have never used a rigid flex btw.

I second this idea! Having an affordable flex PCB offer in Europe would be great. Especially as fast shipping from China being quite expensive and only make sense for larger quantities.
We use 2 layer flex PCBs with QFN, BGA/CSP and 0201 passives. Reason why we need to use flex is the weight and size. Even thin FR4 is too heavy/thick for our application.