Fritzing Parts do not appear on Aisler Board Inspector


I have designed a PCB so i can land an Arduino ESP32 Nano on it and replace wires with PCB connections. So my design is just an ESP32 which connects with some other components. These components are connected on some Pin Headers i have placed on my Fritzing PCB schematic.
I uploaded my design on Aisler Board Inspector and I cant see my headers as it says zero parts in the Assembly tab.
Please help.

We do not support assembly for designs created with fritzing. But you can still order the PCB and solder the components yourself.

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Hello again,

How could i get in touch with someone so i could explain where i want to place some components (some headers in my case) which dont appear on the assembly?

Thanks in advance.

Do you want your boards assembled?

Yes , i would like to place some pin headers but board inspector wont show them in the assembly preview.

That is because we only get the Gerber files from Fritzing. We need additional information for assembly. E.g. we cannot assemble your board. If you like to use our assembly service, you can use KiCad. (Which is also the better design tool for creating more advanced boards in the future)

Ok , thanks a lot , i will get back to you

Hello again,

I have my PCB now on Kicad. I uploaded the PCB file and i cant see the components again!
Could ypu please help?

Thanks in advance.

I took a look, how did you create the file? Did you draw it directly in the PCB editor without a schematic? No Net Names are present.

Exactly, i drew it directly in the PCB editor. There is no schematic.
Is there a problem with that?

Yes, we require the net information to be present. It will work if you create your Board with a schematic present.

I also recommend a Ground plane, that makes it easier for us to fabricate the board.

Hello again,

I try to upload my project but when i upload it as a zip with gerber files, IPC-Netlist-File,BOM-file and my pcb , it doesnt recognise the parts i have on my pcb . When i upload only the pcb file , the parts are there and i just have to assign them. Do i upload just my PCB and all good? Also, Push for Kicad just sends me to the top page of Aisler.


Yes, you can just upload the board file, we do not support the manual upload of IPC files and BOM. You can also read here how to set up your components for assembly here: Setting up a Component for Assembly

Good morning,

I have uploaded my PCB and I assigned my headers , all good. Let me ask you something.
The only way for you to put my headers on the PCB is with amazing assembly?
I m asking because it costs 10 times more than the other options
Thanks again.

That is the only option.