Getting an itemized parts list for an Amazing Assembly order

I already made an Amazing Assembly order and I got a full price for it. I elected to complete the order but I wonder how the parts BOM contributed to the price. Can I learn what the costs per part were that were used?

I used KiCad for the design and there was a plugin for one of the Chinese Fab houses where the BOM for the same parts after I submitted a candidate order to them was very low. In fact the order with assembly and parts was 1/4 of the charge for my Amazing Assembly order. Granted, you get what you pay for but I wonder if I can learn the BOM cost per unique part/per board.

You can find out how we structure our pricing here: Our Simple Pricing

Yes but how is an order cost distributed across the elements of the Simple Pricing concept. I was looking for a way to see the cost breakdown for the actual order as completed. Or am I expected to get out a calculator or spreadsheet page to map the concept to my particular order?