How to change the user password

Hi, I want to share my account to colleagues and need to change my password for that.
An alternatively could be additional accounts linking to the same company account.
How to do `? I did not find anything in the user preferences.


To collaborate with your colleagues, we offer Teams, an easy way to collaborate on your project. You have a members page where you can invite your colleagues.

If you are currently not registered as business customer, you will not see this page. However, you can easily convert to a business account. Go to Settings > Invoicing for this.

You didn’t catch my problem. I don’t need a way to work with my colleagues (know how to do it internally) but I have to share my password for Aisler online account and need to modify one of my very special secret passwords for this. So how can I change my password from my account, that’s the question.

Just to make one thing clear: password/account sharing is not a good practice. This is one of the reasons we introduced teams where everyone can access projects and orders. You can also create multiple teams for different project teams. Nevertheless, you can change your user password by clicking on the small cogwheel in the bottom of sidebar next to your name.

Okay, do you have a link to that on your site ? I thought you meant MS Teams to use. But there should be a way to change my password in general, shouldn’t it ?

Sorry - saw the link. How can I change my personal into a business account ? And how do I change the password for my private account ?

Okay - you may close this topic now. Found a way to change my password with a different browser then. Because there was no password dialog anymore once you clicked “remember me”. Maybe deleting cookies would do the same trick. A link in the user preferences to change password wouldn’t be bad solution at all. Thanks for your help.

No problem. Just for the sake of completeness.

If you see the following Members page, then your account is a business account. There you can invite your colleagues.

In the case you do not see it, you can convert the account yourself. Go to Settings and then Invoicing.


Just my 2 Cents:
Never use same passwords for different accounts. A Passwort Manager is your friend.