I dont understand EDA file?

what its mean? i have upload files from easyeda how can i upload from them that can i use Assembling

Get more by uploading EDA files

We detected that you provided us with raw Gerber files. That’s fine! But to ensure the best import results and if you want to benefit form all our services and features, you need to upload the original EDA file. No worries, everything is secured and we will never share any projects of your’s.

EDA stands for Electronic Design Automation its an umbrella term for Software like KiCad, EAGLE, Altium, Easyeda and more.

You exported just the Gerber files, Gerber does not include information about the connections between components, the list of components you used and if the components are surface mounted or trough hole. You can think of gerber files like a painting of your mechanical layers.

Because the export and preperation of this data can be quite complex we support the direct upload of the pcb file from various software packages. We will use the pcb file to export the data we need using our software pipeline.

At the moment this is unfortunately not possible for Easyeda.
You can find a list of the supported design tools here:

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