Keep your stencils organized

tldr; Ever had various stencil orders flying around and you had to use trial and error to see whether it fit to your project? Not anymore, we now cut your AISLER project name directly into the stencil, so you’ll never forget for which project that damn stencil was for.

Look at this mess – finding the proper stencil on my desk

Who doesn’t know it - you have different projects, the space on the desk or in the study is limited, the dog comes in and mixes everything up or the children want to see exactly what is being designed and produced. Sooner or later, everything is a big mess and related boards and stencils are criss-crossed everywhere. Even if that scenario is a bit exaggerated, each of you should have had a stencil in their hand and wondered to which project it now belongs to. Certainly it is possible to recognize it via Pad Geometry, but of course that takes a heck of time. Time that, in our opinion, could be better spent dealing with the really important problems, which is developing your prototype to production.

Deep dive into our motto #makehardwarelesshard.

One of our customers had this problem and asked us at the end of last year whether we could not print the project’s name on the stencils. Since we are always very interested in your suggestions for improvement (Please file them here: 👥 Feature Requests - AISLER Creative Community), we are of course very happy to take these comments and see how we can implement them.

From feature request to implemenation in just a couple of weeks

Look and behold - it didn’t take long and now all stencils have the corresponding project names engraved. And because we are convinced that this is a feature for everyone, it is of course free for everyone.

Try it out with your next PCB order by simply adding the stencil, we believe it’s not only easier to use but now it is also more easy to find (on your desk or whatever)

One more thing …

Now that we print the project’s name, you may not want to have it called like project123. Well, try just renaming your project on the project’s overview page. Just open your project and click on “Move or rename” on the bottom left card. As we think in projects not in orders, you can change it whenever, even after you’ve placed your order, because we support your project from prototype to production. So what are you waiting for! From now on it will be again easier for you to manage your projects.

We are excited and looking forward to many imaginative project names.

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