What we did in Q1-2022, and a small outlook

This post serves as a gentle reminder that 25% of this year has already past. Time flies when you are having fun :rocket:! Oh and speaking of which, Easter is also close, go hide them little eggies :egg::rabbit:!

But enough talking about errands, let’s talk about what we’ve done for you in the past couple of three months!

Here are my personal Top 3 of the past three months:

  • :speaking_head: The launch of our Creative Community: We have integrated our Knowledge Base and our Blog. We also added new sections. What I’m especially proud of is our Feature Request section. Want something we currently don’t offer or do you desperately need a software feature we currently haven’t implemented? Post it to the Wishlist.
  • :gear:Stencils are now engraved with your project’s name: Speaking of wishlist, this feature was a popular request last year. This is especially useful for everyone with more than one project (which turns out is normal, right?). You don’t want stencils flying around manually matching them to the correct project on your desk. Had this problem before? Well, this feature is for you!
  • :toolbox: Smart Bom now knows item inventory levels: Especially in times where certain parts have a very high chance of not being available, it is important to know which parts are problematic. We now have a simple solution to this problem. Just import your BOM into your project, and you’ll be able to see item-level availability depending on the quantity you enter.

In total we closed over 200 issues in the past three months for you. We work everyday to Make Hardware Less Hard for you!

This quarter we will work hard on:

  • :mag: A simple search engine for finding the right components, stay tuned!
  • :seedling: A proper carbon footprint for your PCBs, so you’ll know what your development CO2 footprint is
  • :memo: An extension of our trusted distributors and more improvements to our Smart Bom

Let’s see what I’ll write in the beginning of summer when this quarter ends.