[KiCad] PCB Templates for download

Hello all,

first of all I would like to say that I am not an electrical engineer but create circuit boards as a hobby.

If you create a PCB with KiCad “quick and dirty” and use the default settings, you will quickly find that the default settings are not optimal or certain design rules are not followed.

I have created two templates for Aisler that apply to the 2-layer and 4-layer PCBs.

I would like to attach the templates as a .zip file, but I can’t upload any files. Is there an eMail I can send them to? Then you can add them to the desing rules page so someone can download them and create a PCB directly following Aisler’s rules.

The templates are certainly not complete or 100% correct, but can serve as a basis.


Hi Robert,

Thank you for your thoughts, we already provide templates for KiCad on our GitHub.

It seems like you didn’t know about it, would you have a recommendation how we could communicate that we offer these templates?

Ohoo! I did not knew that… Spend to much time for nothing :sweat_smile:

The i would recommend to add the link to this page:

If you smash “aisler design rules” to google, this is the first result. If you add the github link to the page it would be great!

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I have updated the DRC page to link to the templates.

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Ah, thats nice solved. It jumps directly into the eye

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