Manufacturer information

It would be nice to know more about where each order is manufactured, at least the country. It would also be useful to have at least a manufacturer/partner ID associated with each order so that we know if boards are coming from the same or different manufacturers.

On a recent project I received 100% good boards then re-ordered with minor changes and only got 30% yield according to the smart tests, and I’m curious if they were manufactured at the same place.


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Take a look here PCB Specifications - :open_book: Knowledge Base / :open_book: Design Rules & Specs - AISLER Creative Community

Of course this only shows the general manufacturing place and not on “per order” level.

I hope this helps a bit. :smiley:


Thanks. I guess what I’m trying to figure out is whether or not some manufacturers are better able to produce working boards more reliably [outside of the official design rules] than others. I suppose this wouldn’t necessarily be actionable information unless we could also select/deselect specific manufacturers (this would probably be my next feature request), but it would be nice to better understand the variables that may be leading to inconsistencies.

If we were able to see unique manufacturer IDs associated with each order it could help to understand possible reasons for inconsistencies.

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Ah I see. This is also a very interesting topic to me as I have seen some inconsistencies also.

I guess it will be no problem to tell the user an manufacturer ID.

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Sorry for the late reply. As @andreas-eet pointed out, you can see the country of origin from our design rules.

It is sad to hear that you both have problems with our Smart Tests results. Important to keep in mind is that a report does not necessarily mean that your boards are defect. In the end, we are dealing with physical processes (manufacturing and testing) that may result in false positive. We are just 100% transparent about our results. In addition, the closer you design against our rules, the more likely (potential) issues become.

Regarding your initial request: We do not want to you to bother about our manufacturing partners, so we would rather improve the Smart Test process as a whole. If the results make no sense please report the issues to us via support form so we can have a more detailed look into it. Please note that requests currently take a bit longer (as of early July 2022) due to an unfavorable combination of vacations and Covid.

Yes, I received the boards and it turned out that the yield was closer to 90% and that the smart tests weren’t accurate (shorts were correctly detected but opens were not).

I understand that there is a balance between transparency and complexity. When attempting to diagnose an issue it’s useful to have as much information as possible, but this can also be overwhelming and can add unnecessary complexity.

This service is great because it is so streamlined and easy to use, but I suppose that necessitates some mystery.