Migrating to the new ODB++ based Altium Push

Please Note: This Guide is only applicable if you already installed the Altium Push Outjob. In case you are installing it for the first time follow our main guide.

Step 1: Update Publishing Destination Settings.

  • Head to Preferences → Data managment → Publishing Destinations → AISLER Push.
  • Click on Edit Connection
  • Under Options unselect the Checkbox Zip content.
  • Save the Settings.


Step 2: Removal of the old Outjob from the Project.

Navigate in your file structure to


Select Exclude fom project.

Navigate to the file location and save the Outjob at a different location. In most cases the ODB++ is the better choice but during the transition period there might be things that not work, thus keep the Gerber.

Known Issues Issues with the ODB++ Outjob:

  • Cutouts are not exported.

Step 3: Adding the new Outjob.

  • Using Right-click → “Save Link as…” download our Altium Outjob Configuration .
  • Using “Add Existing to Project…” on the “Projects Panel”, import the Outjob configuration to your project and assign the layout you would like to submit.
  • Make sure your PCB file and Outjob are in a project, the export will fail otherwise.