AISLER Push for Altium Designer

Set up Push for Altium

Last Updated: 08.09.2023

Using Push for Altium we offer the most comfortable way to transmit projects from Altium Designer to us.

Copy you Organization Access Key

  • Open and click on “Account” in the upper-right corner of the page.
  • Click on “Settings” in the navigation menu on the left.
  • Copy the value below “Organization Access Key”. It should look like “f5c394b3db2f8d28ddf5”.

Add Publishing Destination

  • Open the “Preferences” dialog by clicking the preferences_btn button in the upper-right hand area of the design space.
  • Select “Data Managment” → “Publishing Destinations” from the menu on the left.
  • Using “Add Destination” add a new " Amazon S3" destination.
  • Fill out all input fields as shown in the screenshot.
    Name: Push to AISLER
    Account Name: AISLER
    Secret Access Key: y3jAQOlaGMXgvF0gx6PJNSqazxOP3bj2eeBirvwK
    Bucket: push-for-altium-v
    Key Prefix: Paste the “Organization Access Key” from your organization’s general settings as described in the first step.

When updating from the Gerber based Outjob make sure to uncheck Zip content !

Confirm the form. A new publishing destination should show up.

Import the output configuration

  • Using Right-click → “Save Link as…” download our Altium Outjob Configuration.

  • Using “Add Existing to Project…” on the “Projects Panel”, import the Outjob configuration to your project and assign the layout you would like to submit.

  • Make sure your PCB file and Outjob are in a project, the export will fail otherwise.

Push your project

On the right hand side of the Outjob form, click “Generate and Publish” and select “Push to AISLER…”.

After just a few seconds a prompt should open up. Enter either a new project name (“Awesome Project”) or copy an existing repository / project path (“sandbox/awesome_project”).


Altium Push to Aisler now uses ODB++. References to the Gerber based approach have been removed to avoid confusion.