AISLER Push for Altium Designer

Set up Push for Altium

Using Push for Altium we offer the most comfortable way to transmit projects from Altium Designer to us.

Copy you Organization Access Key

  • Open and click on “Account” in the upper-right corner of the page.
  • Click on “Settings” in the navigation menu on the left.
  • Copy the value below “Organization Access Key”. It should look like “f5c394b3db2f8d28ddf5”.

Add Publishing Destination

  • Open the “Preferences” dialog by clicking the preferences_btn button in the upper-right hand area of the design space.
  • Select “Data Managment” → “Publishing Destinations” from the menu on the left.
  • Using “Add Destination” add a new " Amazon S3" destination.
  • Fill out all input fields as shown in the screenshot.
    Name: Push to AISLER
    Account Name: AISLER
    Secret Access Key: y3jAQOlaGMXgvF0gx6PJNSqazxOP3bj2eeBirvwK
    Bucket: push-for-altium-v
    Key Prefix: Paste the “Organization Access Key” from your organization’s general settings as described in the first step.

When updating from the Gerber based Outjob make sure to uncheck Zip content !

Import the output configuration

  • Using Right-click → “Save Link as…” download our Altium Outjob Configuration.

  • Using “Add Existing to Project…” on the “Projects Panel”, import the Outjob configuration to your project and assign the layout you would like to submit.

  • Make sure your PCB file and Outjob are in a project, the export will fail otherwise.

Push your project

On the right hand side of the Outjob form, click “Generate and Publish” and select “Push to AISLER…”.

After just a few seconds a prompt should open up. Enter either a new project name (“Awesome Project”) or copy an existing repository / project path (“sandbox/awesome_project”).


Altium Push to Aisler now uses ODB++. References to the Gerber based approach have been removed to avoid confusion.