National Instruments Ultiboard

About this tutorial

AISLER understands Gerber files generated from National Instruments Ultiboard. This tutorial shows you in four easy steps how your Ultiboard export will always succeed when imported.

Step 1: Use our Export configuration

  • Download the NI config-File for AISLER on our Github
  • Store it on your PC.

Step 2: Rename your gerber files in the following format:

Gerber Layer Name Layer
project_name.toplayer.ger Top Layer
project_name.bottomlayer.ger Bottom Layer
project_name.topsoldermask.ger Top Soldermask
project_name.bottomsoldermask.ger Bottom Soldermask
project_name.topsilkscreen.ger Top Silkscreen
project_name.bottomsilkscreen.ger Bottom Silkscreen
project_name.boardoutline.ger Board Outline
project_name.xln PTH Drills
project_name_npth.xln NPTH Holes

Step 3: Zip them up

Please zip your Gerber-Files

Step 4: Profit :wink:

Upload your project