Option for board suitable for RF

Already quite some time, I am in search of a PCB manufacturer which has an (affordable) option for RF PCBs (at least with lower losses the standard FR4) in prototype quantities.

So far I could only find JLPCB which offers reasonably priced Rogers and PTFE, however only 2 layers, which severely limits its applications. Then we have OSHpark, which uses FR408. Pricing is not really low and when ordering from Europe shipping cost adds significantly.

The yesterday I noticed during some search a post from Aisler introducing 6 layers a a suitable
option for RF using Panasonic substrate. (Losses specified at 1GHz seem comparible with FR408)
Wanted to give it a try, but found out later: 6 layers are discontinued. :frowning:

Any plans to re-offer 6 layer service in the future ? (if not better removed all references would have saved me some hours)

Or are than plans offer an option for RF applications (preferable usable to 8-10GHz) in the near future ?

Hi :wave: ,

At this point, I cannot state when we will re-introduce our 6 Layer offering. Please mention where you still find articles listing that we offer 6 Layer, I will remove/update them. I did remove/updated the pages I thought of, but maybe something flew under my radar.

Do you think our 4 Layer offering would be suitable for your application? We use a very similar substrate. In fact, the prepreg between layer 1-2 is the same as on the 6L boards.