Rapid registration stencil dimensions

Hi, I have a small clarification question.
The rapid registration template standard, as `linked here, seem not to specify in details the distance(s) between the two stencil registration holes (and equally - between two PCB fixing pin hole).
It only says the distance is >= 30mm.
How to understand it properly? Does it mean it can be literally any, possibly with some fractions of a mm?
The video for the ec-Stencil-fix kit suggests (when watching closely) the kit has a number of pre-defined holes for registration pins spaced every 20mm, as a kind of fixed set of those distances. Is this the expected part of the standard when ordering such stencil at Aisler? Like that this distance to be modulo 20mm as well?

We will adjust the spacing of the pins according to the size of the PCB. I have updated our article to specifically mention this: Rapid Registration

Super clear now. Thank you!

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