Rapid Registration

Aligning PCB and stencil manually is often time-consuming and can lead to bad printing results. To make the registration process easier, faster and more reliable for you, we offer the Rapid Registration System which is compatible with the eC-stencil-mate and the eC-stencil-fix.

How does it work?

When Rapid Registration is selected and your order is placed, a frame with two 3 mm (0.12 in) mounting holes will be added automatically to your PCB. The Stencil will be our standard stencil, with two additional 5 mm (0.20 in) mounting holes.

The horizontal spacing of the holes depends on the width of the (framed) PCB and is the same for PCB and stencil. The holes also have an identical horizontal distance to the center of the board (symmetrical). However, the horizontal distance to the edge is variable. The vertical distance to the edge of the framed PCB is 2.5mm.

Width (x) of framed pcb [mm] Horizontal hole distance (center – center) [mm]
x <= 70 30
70 < x <= 90 50
90 < x <= 110 70
110 < x <= 130 90
130 < x <= 150 110
150 < x <= 170 130
170 < x <= 190 150
190 < x <= 210 170
210 < x 190


The Rapid Registration System is available for PCBs not exceeding 235.2 x 335.2 mm (9.25 x 13.19 in) (width x height).


PCBs and Stencils ordered with Rapid Registration, are compatible with the eC-stencil-mate and the eC-stencil-fix. Under eC-Registration System Details you’ll find an in—detail

How to order?

All you have to do is uploading your files as usual (including Toppaste and/or Bottom Paste layer) and continue to the checkout. Select the Rapid Registration before placing your order and we will manage the rest! Please ensure that your PCB follows our requirements.