Sponsoring for Open Hardware Projects

We at AISLER are an advocate for open-source hardware projects and happy to support them by providing PCBs and Stencils.

How does it work?

Contact our Developer Relations Engineer with a summary of your open hardware project.
After agreeing to our sponsoring Terms, we will provide you with Store Credit for your project.

How does the Store Credit Work?

The Store Credit works like a virtual “debit card” this allows you to order the boards yourself so you can finish the project at your pace and don’t need to contact us just for processing your order.

What can we use the store credit on?

Store Credit can exclusively be used for PCBs and Stencils, we do not sponsor assembled PCBs.

What do you have to do in return?

You have to mention AISLER in the README of your open-source project, preferably integrate an “Upload to AISLER” button, so others can order your design conveniently. You can find the documentation for it here: Upload to AISLER button

Preferably, add the AISLER Logo on the silkscreen of the PCB.

If applicable, you need to list AISLER as a supporter on your Website with a Backlink.

If applicable, you need to mention AISLER as a supporter on your Social Media.