Talk about your 🚀 Great Project in here

This is your place to shine. Please create a post about your project and let people participate in your journey :wink:

Great Giphy about creativity being shared

By letting others participate in your journey, you may help them or others may be able to help you. This is no place for hate, this is a place to inspire and cooperate.

To kick off, you can answer the following questions.

  1. Why I started with this project?
  2. What I love about electronics?
  3. Which PCB Design Tool I use and why?
  4. What’s my greatest fail with the project?
  5. What’s my greatest win in the project?
  6. What’s my most favorite feature AISLER?

Have a look at my example here: Woodstock Music Player

We are super much looking forward to seeing what y’all post and discuss here!

Is it ok to link to other sites like hackaday if the project is already documented there? I’d actually include a little abstract here, but creating almost-a-copy would be a bit much.

@crteensy Sure that’s no Problem :wink: Just make sure you have the public project on as a link in there as well