Thinner boards

I would like to order thinner boards (0.6mm for example). Sometimes boards do not need stability and it would be nice to use less materials and it is more efficient to ship.


the concept of less materials would also fit with your goal: We will be the first to ship carbon-neutral PCBs world-wide in 2022
(at least if the production of the thinner boards has equal yield…)

i would love if there would be a alternative really environmental friendly core material…


There’s at least three other threads here which either mention, or are all about, thinner boards … so yes this is a sorely-missed feature. 1.0 at least should not pose any problem for the typical “small” hobbyist board.


I second this request. “Usual” thin boards like 1.0mm or 0.8mm would be a very nice addition, especially if they can have 4 layers. For small size PCB’s 1.6mm is just not needed.


+1 to this request! 0.8mm option for 2L boards would be nice, for SI/EMI reasons

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+1 from my side as well. When you want to build boards with standard USB-C plugs, these are for 0.8mm boards.

e.g. Molex or Wuerth

@Antonia-from-AISLER feedback on this would be appreciated (or even a timeframe!!). My next project needs to fit a standard wall switch frame (with no hole underneath!) and there simply is no room for >1mm boards in there; 0.8mm would be even better.

I’d be very annoyed if I had to use JLCPCB for that project.

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Hi Matthias,

while we do not offer specific board thickness as an option at self-checkout, we will be happy to see if we can create a specialised offer for you including boards thinner than our standard. Kindly be aware that this service is available for assembled projects only, not sole PCB-orders.

For specific inquiries just get in touch via our Non-Standard Assembly Inquiry Form

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Strange, how does a " [Non-Standard Assembly Inquiry Form]" help with thinner boards?

Thinner Boards are currently not available via the website but may be available for larger orders with assembly. Which involves a manual process.