Welcome to our AISLER Creative Community

Many of you will have already noticed, at the end of last year we quietly launched one of the biggest features for you as our customers - the AISLER Community.
Now it’s time to present it to you in more detail with its different possibilities.

News from the AISLER folks

First of all, we would like to inform you regularly about news, updates, changes and enhancements of the AISLER Community in blogposts like this one. The corresponding section is called “News from the AISLER folks”. Feel free to browse through it and marvel with us at what we have been up to lately.

A new home for our Knowledge Base

You know as well as we do that you need basic information for the design of your boards. For that we have our “Knowledge Base” as part of the community. You have a question and don’t want to contact the customer support right away? Have a look here, browse through the different topics and we are sure your question will be answered soon.

Your place to shine! – Post your project into Great Projects

Each of you is a Maker, and believe it or not, the moment you start implementing it, you can already call it a Great Project. At AISLER we help you letting your projects become reality. As much as we love your posts on twitter, or the lovely project names that we see when you place an order, we would be even happier if you inspired the thousands of others by sharing your project(s) in the “Great Projects” section! Are you at a point where you can’t get any further with your project? Present it in the community and you will surely find other Makers who can help you. You have finished a project, are proud of it and want to share it with other enthusiastic electronic engineers? Make a post in the “Great Projects” section and be happy about the approval!

Missing something AISLER should offer? – Post it to the Wishlist

Last but not least: As you all know we are a company that always strives to develop the best feature set for our customers! You have noticed certain aspects in the ordering process that you would like to see different? Write it up in the 🎁 Wishlist - AISLER Creative Community section of our community.

Within the section we provide you with a three-step overview on which features are currently on the wishlist, which are currently in implementation mode and which have been implemented already.

Let us know you need and we’ll add it to our list of features. Have a look at this example [ Feature Request ] Use a field from KiCad to automatically Smart Match R & C We implemented the suggestion within just 2 weeks!

We are looking forward to many more exciting shared projects, new suggestions for improvement and a lively exchange with you!