6 Layer pcb thickness

I want to place an order for a 6 layer pcb and got the miss information, that this will be a 1.6mm thickness pcb but your profile says, 6 layer pcbs are produced with a special stackup with 1.4mm (1.404mm) thickness all in all. 1.4 mm is very important for the project, can I be sure to get the 1.4mm pcb when ordering ?

When continue order it says 6L HD. Hmmm.

Thanks, Karl

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Hi Karl,

Thank you very much for the question and the hint! It is correct that the six-layer boards have a thickness of approx. 1.4 mm - not 1.6 mm! Please see here.
However, when adding up the individual layers, I get 1.454 mm. I guess the communicated value in the specifications of 1,404 mm does not include the solder resist.

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Hi Manuel,
thanks for pointing this out. 1.4mm without solder resist is perfect.

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Hi there I wanted to find out prices for Beautiful Boards HD 6L but it is no more listed in the price examples and in pcb specifications it is marked as “Discontinued”. What does it mean, no more available again ? We are interested in the 1.4mm pcb stackup.

Thanks, Karl


The 6 Layer board is unfortunately not available anymore. We may offer 6 Layer PCBs in the future again, but at the moment only 2 and 4 Layer PCBs are available.