Adding Texas Instruments as a Precious Part Supplier

Texas Instruments is obviously one of the biggest chip manufacturers and have a huge library of parts. Historically they relied on distributors to sell direct to manufactures but there seems to be a shift in the company’s thinking recently. I think they are trying to cut out the middle man in an attempt to combat supply chain issues, and rising cost of materials.

I’ve noticed there are some hard to get parts like ADCs, microprocessors, etc. that are only available through the TI website and are listed for even cheaper than what is on Digikey or Mouser. I think it would add a lot of value for AISLER to implement their ordering API for procurement.

Sorry if this is already on the road-map, I know you are adding new vendors regularly.


Thanks for the hint! We are indeed currently working on adding suppliers. Can you give a few examples which parts where only available through TI or much cheaper?

In the mean-while: When you require components that are not available, you can always contact us. Our project managers are always open to discuss alternative sourcing options.

Hi Tim, that is great to hear. It is good to know I can contact you guys about alternative sourcing options. Would the same be true for customer supplied parts?

Yes, they will discuss the details with you.

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Typically, parts are cheaper directly from TI than via distributors. Of course, there may be exceptions. Three examples:

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