Import of Autodesk EAGLE files

Luckily we support Autodesk Eagle natively, so the steps are simple :slight_smile: If you are looking for Autodesk Fusion360, click here.

Design Rule File

We offer an EAGLE Design Rule File which includes our layer stackup and all necessary design rules. Have a look at our Github.

Note for multilayer boards

In order to properly detect the correct stackup and layers, please use the following definitions

  • 4 layer: (1+2*15+16)
  • 6 layer: (1+2*3+14*15+16)

How to import an EAGLE BRD file

Step 1: Upload your Eagle file

We support Eagle file format natively. Just Dragโ€™nโ€™Drop or Upload your Eagle-Board file and you are good to go.

Step 2: Ordering :yum:

Upload your project

for silkscreen the layers 21 tPlace and 25 tNames are used.

Some parts in the lbr, or Names i add to the PCB, also use layer 51 tDocu.
is it possible to print this layer too? Or i have to cange all from layer 51 to 21 or 25?

tDocu is for your own reference, it is not included in the manufacturing data by default.
You have to change it to Layer 21/22, tPlace or bPlace. Another option may be a custom CAM output file.