Ordering more than one project, Panels and consolidated shipping

Panelized Projects

Single-Design Panels

Panels which only include one design are not allowed. As we calculate the price based on the total area used it doesn’t make a difference price-wise.
If you require Single-Design Panel with support for automated SMT assembly, please contact our support.

Multi-Design Panels

This is allowed, as long as you take care of the following topics

  • V-Cuts are not support
  • Distance between the single PCB must be > 2.4mm
  • All PCB have to be connected using tabs / bridges
  • The whole panel has to be a solid interconnected structure
  • Validate all milling / routing path using the Board Inspector
  • Optional: Use User-Defined-Bridges to properly place tabs which hold die panel in place during manufacturing

If you need larger quantities, please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss with you the details and how we can help.

Shipping and Express Shipping

We do not have a shopping basket, but we offer a shipping basket. This means that orders that are planned to be dispatched on the same day, will be sent together.

What happens if you want to order a couple of projects, but you want them fast? You need to add overnight(express) shipping to just one of your orders. If they are planned to be dispatched on the same day, we are going to dispatch all of them in one package with tracking code using our express logistics partners.

What happens if you place one Blitz and one HD order? By default, we will dispatch whichever order is ready first (usually it is the Blitz), unless you specify otherwise.

What happens if one of the orders is delayed during manufacturing? Again, we will send the items that are ready first, unless you want everything dispatched together.

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Hello there,

I have a project coming up with around 4-6 unique (!) tiny PCBs (20x50mm) that will later connect to a larger “motherboard”.

Originally I was planning to place them on a panel with 3mm milling + mouse bites but now I read that it’s now allowed…

What to do in my case? Placing 7 seperate orders does not sound good to me :smiley:

Thank you for your help,

Hi Hans,

thank you for your interest in our prototyping. Your project seems very interesting and hopefully we can find a good solution together.
First of all I am interested in knowing why you don’t want to place 7 separate orders? Maybe your thoughts will help us to develop our services. :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

Christina-from the AISLER Team

Hi Christina,

for me it would be just more convenient to have them all layed out next to each other, as the all share the same connectors, etc. (Instead of having 7 schematics with 7 layouts that i need to upload and manage).
I’m not trying to sneak in more projects in one order – it is one project that spreads over multiple pcbs :slight_smile:

Have a good Monday,

Hello, I am very happy with your service! The boards I receive have been always as I wished.
Some time ago, I have placed four orders in the same day exactly how described in your website and they were send also in the same day, in four different packets and I was charged four times for the shipment, instead of only one.
Is there a way I can get any feedback from you to solve this issue? I have been trying to contact you without any success and I would like to solve this before making the nest orders.

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Hello. Just like Hugo, I would also like to order several unique PCBs, but I would not be very happy if I had to pay separate shipping for each PCB. Is there a way to avoid this? In other words, can you delay the shipping until all my PCBs have been produced, and then ship them together.

Thank you!

Hi Ferenc,

the initial post is no really up to date anymore. @christina will update it later.
The way it works now is following. You place your first order with your desired shipping option. For the next two days you have the option to add as much other orders to the initial shipment.


Ok, this is what was missing and I think it avoids these recurring problems in the future. Well done!

I would just mention that this does not seem to be possible if one project is using assembly and the other doesn’t. When I saw that the assembly will result in a much later dispatch it’s understandable but could also be important to know.