Change of outline milling tool diameter

I did not find a way to respond to the following news article:

So I opened a new thread here. The news article claims:

a second milling tool of 1.8mm aside from 2.4mm on all pools (our HD-only second milling tool has been reworked from 1.6mm to 1.8mm to now support all pools)

Does this mean that from now on all boards (even the complex rated ones) are milled with a diameter of 1.8mm? For complex rated boards using castellated holes this would be a step back from 1.6mm. What happens to legacy designes designed for an 1.6mm tool?

Do we (as the customer) need to update our designs to match the 1.6mm tool? My current project (SMA Connector) is heavily dependent on the outline tool diamter for castellated holes.

And the last question: Starting from what date will the new 1.8mm outline tool be used?


The change is already implemented, the move from 1.6 mm to 1.8 mm was necessary to reduce machine usage time. Our software will account for smaller cutouts on legacy designs, they will be manufactured using our smaller special tool we support for small cutouts. As these however have a shorter lifetime and need more machine time, we urge customers to update their design if possible.

Your project seems to be one of the few cases where we cannot use our special milling tool to compensate for the change of our secondary milling drill. You unfortunately need to adjust your design. I understand that this is frustrating, as compensation, I would like to offer you a free production run of the updated design.