ETest and IPC files


is there any difference in the E-Test of the final boards when I send an eagle board file or when I send Gerber file of all relevant layers and the IPC file?


  • LAST_DATE_TIME will have the local date format, not the date format used at Aisler

  • Leaving out Top or Bottom stencil would be possible.


You can follow this guide I wrote, you export Gerber, IPC and Pick and Place file manually and then pack it all up in a format we can process. It is a little more work than just upload the eagle board file, but it gives you more control about what you would like to export and with which format.

This way you can get the time stamp in your format and also exclude a solder paste layer.

This does not answer my question. I asked about E-Check of the produced boards. Reading

Please note that we ignore any IPC file that comes from unsupported EDA-applications. If you want Smart Tests, please upload your CAD file, or follow the described upload method for supported EDA-applications. Please have a look here to see for which EDA-applications we support Smart Tests.

lets me assume IPC file in a pure Gerber upload is ignored!

It does answer your question. If you follow the file structure outlined in my custom Gerber article and the IPC file will be used for E-testing. Just like I mentioned.