The AISLER Part Professional Program

Introducing the AISLER Part Professional Program.

Your entry to a platform for knowledge exchange with industry experts and exclusive benefits designed specifically for electrical engineers.

We created a unique initiative together with reputable manufacturers like Würth Elektronik, Nexperia, STMicroelectronics and Infineon, to empower electrical engineers in their design process. The Part Professional Program is not just about purchasing components; it’s a collaborative approach to enhance your skills and knowledge in utilizing state-of-the-art electronic parts effectively.

One of the standout advantages of the program is the exclusive discounts you enjoy on your orders with AISLER. These discounts are not just a token offering; they are directly linked to the number of parts you use in an order. The more you explore and incorporate these high-quality electronic components, the greater your savings – a tangible reward for your commitment to excellence.

What qualifies my project?

Your project’s Bill-of-Material includes one or more parts covered by our Part Professional Program.

Setting up your project.

You’ll need to set up your project to participate in the Part Professional Program.
For this, you’ll need to upload your design in a supported format, this includes all formats which we support for assembly, like KiCad and EAGLE board files or ODB++ archives, for example.
You can refer to our PCB Design Tool Matrix to see if your format of choice is supported.

Inspect the PCB after upload to see if there are any processing notes or warnings, you’ll find a usage guide here: PCB Viewer

If everything looks alright, we can proceed to the next step, assigning parts in our BOM manager.

You can now head to the checkout page, where you will be able to select the Parts Professional Program option, select it, to apply the discount to your order.


Pro Tip: Use our Smart Guide tool to make assembling your prototype boards easier than ever.


When participating in the Part Professional Program by adding the discount to an order, is any data of the project shared with a third party or partner manufacturer (such as Würth, Nexperia, etc.)?

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We will only share information if you choose to opt in to the program. We will never share information if a user doesn’t wish to.

The parts professional program was started to bring developers and application engineers from component manufacturers together so companies in Europe and around the world can innovate faster and get direct support.

To best help you with your design, we need to share some information, this includes which components you used. For example, if you used an inductor from Würth, this information will be shared with them together with an option to reach out to you.

Thanks for the clarification.

A short follow-up question on the Würth example: Does the manufacturer get more information about the rest of the project (other components within the project, PCB data, etc.) or only the information “the component has been used in a project” (e.g. part number/quantity of the manufacturer’s component)?

Also, which contact information is actually shared with the manufacturer (phone/email)?

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We will only share which component of that manufacturer you used, no full BOM, no PCB data.
To contact you, we will forward company name (if you are a business user), telephone number and E-Mail.

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